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North Texas has long been recognized as a powerhouse location for the global aviation and aerospace industry. American and Southwest Airlines and the world’s fifth busiest airport are located in the middle of the state’s largest concentration of aviation manufacturing employees.

Denton’s aviation industry companies are integral partners in the continued growth of the Denton economy and are concentrated in the aviation manufactured parts and support services sectors for military, commercial and civilian aviation. This industry growth is supported by our stellar supply chain/distribution logistics, workforce education partners and concentration of unique facilities which all strengthen Denton’s aviation prowess.

  • The city owned Denton Enterprise Airport (DTO) is the premier general aviation facility for North Texas and is an optimal site for locating aviation business.   Newly constructed second, 5,000 ft parallel runway and creation of additional aircraft-related incentives serve to foster targeted growth and development plans for the airport.
    • Ranked 4th in the nation based on operations in contract Air Traffic Control Tower.
    • As the state’s 8th busiest airport in terms of operations, DTO serves a number of major cargo companies, and is an operations base for law enforcement, search and rescue, and CareFlight.
    • As one of only three FAA-designated super-reliever airports in Texas, DTO relieves general aviation traffic from Dallas/Fort Worth International Airport (DFW) and serves as a major mid-continent refueling center.
  • Denton’s commitment to aviation workforce training and industry research is unique.
    • Denton high school students have the opportunity to earn Aircraft Technology, Electronics, Engineering and CNC machining certifications at the district’s state-of-the-art Advanced Technology Complex campus.   
    • Denton’s University of North Texas (UNT) 290-acre Discovery Park research park is home to one of the most advanced university facilities in the nation for research on composite materials, a critical component in current and future aircraft design and manufacturing. 
    • Boeing and Honeywell are partnered with UNT’s Center for Advanced Non-Ferrous Structural Alloys (CANFSA) in research projects to improve the performance of structural alloys for defense, transportation, energy and a number of industries.
    • UNT’s College of Engineering and several Dallas-Fort Worth universities offer BS, MS, and PhD degrees emphasizing mechanical, industrial, software and aerospace applications.  
    • UNT has the only four- year aviation logistics program in the nation.
    • North Central Texas College partners continually with Denton aviation manufacturers to provide customized skills training grants for new and advancing employees.

Denton’s largest aviation parts manufacturers and service providers support Boeing, Bell Helicopter, and flight operations around the world.

  • Safran Electrical Power -- Headquarters/ Manufacturing Facility – 700 employees
  • Mayday Manufacturing Company/Hi-Tech Metals -- 370 employees
  • U.S. Aviation Group -- 180 employes
  • US Jet Center
  • Med-Trans
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