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Advanced Manufacturing

Denton offers unparalleled advantages to manufacturing companies that locate here. Just minutes from the Alliance Global Logistics Hub and DFW International Airport, and situated on the nation’s primary I-35 north-south interstate highway, manufacturers select Denton to capitalize on the efficiencies our optimal access to national and global suppliers and customers provides.   

Denton’s continuum of relevantly-skilled manufacturing workforce talent is fueled by education-industry partnerships that define, develop, and deliver the employees manufacturers need to innovate and grow. From industry-recognized certifications that students can complete while still in high school to advanced university degrees, Denton provides manufacturers with the right workforce to be globally competitive.

  • Denton’s University of North Texas (UNT) College of Engineering offers:
    • BS, MS, and PhD programs in Materials Science and Engineering, Mechanical and Energy Engineering, Computer Engineering, and a BS and MS in Engineering Technology
  • Within a 40 mile radius of Denton:
    • Four additional universities offer BS, MS, and PhD degrees emphasizing mechanical, industrial, software and aerospace applications
    • DeVry campu location offers AS and BS degrees in Industrial Engineering and Technology
  • UNT’s 290-acre Discovery Park  research park is home to one of the most advanced university facilities in the nation for research involving materials:
    • Center for Advanced Non-Ferrous Structural Alloys (CANFSA)
    • Center for Advanced Research and Technology (CART)
    • PACCAR Institute ( Peterbilt Motors-UNT technology innovation consortium)
  • North Central Texas College partners with Denton manufacturers to provide flexible, customized workforce training skills grants, certifications and associate degree programs that advance manufacturing operations and production capacity.
  • Denton’s high school graduates are work-ready!  Denton ISD’s Advanced Technology Complex utilizes state-of-the-art equipment and instruction to offer a growing number of progressive industry certification series:
    • Engineering
    • Electronics
    • Aircraft technology
    • Welding
    • Computerized machining

Denton’s largest manufacturing operations represent diverse industries and are a testament to the excellent logistical advantage, quality workforce, competitive tax climate, and quality of life that can be realized by locating in Denton.

Facility # of Employees
Peterbilt Motors Company Headquarters /Manufacturing Facility 2,314
Safran Electrical & Power (formerly Labinal Power Systems) – Headquarters/ Manufacturing Facility 750
Flowers Baking Company 480
ESAB Victor Technologies 450
Jostens, Inc 450
Morrison Milling Company 200
Acme Brick Company 185
Southwire Company, LLC 175
Odyssey Aerospace Components (a Greenpoint Aerospace company) 165
Mayday Manufacturing Company/Hi-Tech Metals 140
Elite Manufacturing 130
Peerless Manufacturing Company 78
Classic Corrugated, Inc. (a Georgia Pacific company) 60


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