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Available Incentives

The Denton Economic Development Partnership (EDP) promotes the growth of Denton’s economy by encouraging targeted development and redevelopment. Incentives are a tool for attracting and encouraging the right types of projects for Denton.

Economic development incentives are negotiated with new and expanding businesses on a case-by-case basis subject to the qualifications, conditions, and requirements of the City of Denton’s Tax Abatement and Incentive Policy and the approval of the Denton City Council.

The City's Tax Abatement and Incentive Policy is available here for your review.  The City's Incentive Application Form is also available here.  If you have any questions, please call (940) 349-7776.

Tax Abatement (City and County)

New or expanding businesses may be considered for a City of Denton property tax abatement. Read the full City of Denton Tax Abatement and Incentive Policy here and the application is here. Once a project is approved for a City of Denton tax abatement, it qualifies to apply for a Denton County tax abatement; the County’s policy and application are available here.

Chapter 380 Agreement

Denton can create alternative or custom incentives using its authority under Chapter 380 of the Texas Local Government Code to make loans or grants of public money to stimulate business or commercial activity. Read the full Chapter 380 Agreement here.

Denton Municipal Electric Economic Growth Rider

Due to the City of Denton’s ownership of its own electric company, we have the ability to offer qualifying new and expanding industrial and commercial customers a five-year sliding scale reduction to their monthly demand billing. Find full details here.

Industrial Revenue Bonds

The City of Denton has a nonprofit industrial development corporation authorized to issue tax-exempt or taxable revenue bonds under Texas’ Development Corporation Act of 1979. Eligible projects must promote the development or expansion of manufacturing facilities in Denton.

Triple Freeport Tax Exemption

Denton is a triple freeport zone, with Denton County, the City of Denton, and the Denton Independent School district participating in inventory tax exemptions for certain products shipped in and out of state in 175 days. Read full details and download the application here.

Foreign Trade Zone (FTZ)

Denton County is a pre-approved FTZ county under the U. S. Foreign Trade Zones Board’s Alternative Site management framework under the Dallas/Fort Worth FTZ #39 and 168. Any business located in Denton County is eligible for expedited FTZ zone status process. Click here for more information.

Downtown Reinvestment Grant

Denton promotes its unique character and culture through redevelopment and revitalization of Downtown. The Downtown Reinvestment Grant is a reimbursement program to assist downtown projects with façade improvements; roof and foundation repair; new signs and awning; reimbursement of impact fees; and utility upgrade costs.

State of Texas Incentives and Services

State government provides tax incentives, financing assistance, and an array of services to help companies establish or expand in Texas. Two of the most-used programs are the Texas Enterprise Fund and the Skills Development Fund. A full list of state programs is available here.

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