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The 50 Best Small and Mid-size Cities for Entrepreneurs

Denton Named #36 of 50 Best Small and Mid-Size Cities for Entrepreneurs

Big cities have long been viewed as hubs for entrepreneurship. However, many smaller cities are also working to foster the entrepreneurial spirit. 

A new survey by small and mid-size city research site Livability and Entrepreneur Magazine ranked the 50 best small and mid-sized cities for entrepreneurship. The rankings were chosen based on these 15 data points:

  • Support for startups
  • Sense of community of similarly-driven people
  • Amount of SBA loans
  • Amount of creative class workers
  • Broadband technology available
  • Transportation infrastructure in place
  • Unemployment rates
  • Amount of economic inequality
  • Diversity of demographics
  • Affordability of housing
  • Nightlife/cultural and entertainment options
  • Crime rates
  • School quality
  • Health care quality
  • Commute times

The link to the full list is here.