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The City of Denton and the Denton Chamber of Commerce established a joint Economic Development Partnership (EDP) in 1987. This collaboration is led by the EDP Board, whose members are appointed by the Denton City Council.

The Denton EDP is an Accredited Economic Development Organization by the International Economic Development Council. The Chamber's staff coordinates marketing and recruitment efforts; City staff serves as liaison to the Board, manages incentives, and oversees business retention and Downtown programs. Working together, we create business opportunities and address the needs of our expanding community. 

In late 2014, the EDP Board adopted a new framework for Denton’s economic development programs called “Denton Rising: An Economic Development Action Agenda.” The Action Agenda is being implemented in 2015 and 2016 via six Action Teams, comprised of EDP Board members/ex-officios, elected officials, and other community partners. The teams are focusing on these areas:

  • Forming partnerships with industry and education to provide a more productive workforce
  • Celebrating Denton’s unique culture and identity to attract creative companies and people
  • Building support for increased investment in economic and community development
  • Creating a business-friendly environment through streamlining of public processes
  • Growing Denton’s tax base and providing premium employment opportunities by utilizing Denton companies and institutions of higher education in the recruitment process
  • Launching CoDenton, a technology and innovation recruitment initiative and program to support entrepreneurship and start-up activity

Economic Development Partnership Board Members

Chair Marty Rivers2
Vice-Chair John Baines8
Keely Briggs1
Bob Eames6
Steven Edgar3
Carine Feyten5
Jim Fykes3
Gerard Hudspeth1
Jill Jester2
Jimmy Mejia9
Carrell Ann Simmons7
Neal Smatresk4

Ex-Officio Members

Todd Hileman, City of Denton
Chuck Carpenter, Denton Chamber of Commerce
Jamie Wilson, Denton ISD

Members are appointed for 2-year terms / Advisory Board

Note:  Board includes the following members:
1 Two members of the Denton City Council (serving at time of appointment)
2 Two members of the Denton Chamber of Commerce (serving at time of appointment)
3 Two members associated with a top twenty City of Denton ad valorem or sales tax payer
4 President of UNT or a designated UNT faculty or staff member
5 President of TWU or a designated TWU facility or staff member
6 One member with knowledge/experience in general aviation-related matters & no financial interest in matters at the Airport
7 One member with specific knowledge skills and abilities to assist in all or any one of the functions & responsibilities of the EDP Board
8 One member nominated by the Denton Black Chamber of Commerce
9 One member nominated by the Hispanic Chamber of Commerce

Rev. October 6, 2017 by City of Denton